Surgery Times

Dr Chowdhury      
Monday 8.00-10.50am 1.30-2.30pm  
Tuesday 8.00-10.50am 1-2.30pm  
Wednesday 8.00-10.30am 2-3.00pm 4.50-6.30pm
Thursday   1.30-2.30pm  
Friday 8.00-10.40am    4.50-6.30pm (rota)
Dr Tempest      
Monday 8.00-10.40am    
Tuesday 8.00-10.50am  2-3.30pm  4.50-6.30 pm
Wednesday 8.00-11.10am    
Thursday 8.00-11.10am 2.00-3.30pm  
Friday 8.30-9.30am    4.50-6.30pm (rota)
Dr Clark      
Monday 8.00-11 am   4.50-6.30 pm
Thursday 8.00-11 am    
Friday 8.00- 11am   4.50-6.30pm (rota)

Appointments are all ten minutes long.

Appointments can be booked by telephoning 020 8650 0957. A small number of urgent appointments are held in reserve each morning. Please phone at 8.00am on the day if you need an urgent appointment. Internet access is available for routine appointment booking up to three weeks ahead. Please ask at reception for details of how to register for this service.

Weekend, Night and Bank Holiday Cover

For out of hours medical advice telephone 111

Beckenham Beacon Urgent Care Centre is open 8am-8pm daily

24 hour Accident & Emergency departments at Princess Royal University Hospital and Lewisham Hospital. 


Local Services. Let
J & R Killick